Cutting Back - Vinyl 2LP (Don Walker)
Released on 23 March 2018
℗ 2013 Don Walker

180 Gram Vinyl

Cutting Back - Vinyl 2LP
Don Walker
  • Tracks

    Disc 1

    1Get Along05:29
    2I Want My Kids To Look Like You02:39
    3Yakuza Girls02:20
    4Four In the Morning04:41

    Disc 2

    1No Reason05:17
    2Fallen Angel05:37
    3My Ex-Wife03:52

    Disc 3

    1Cutting Back05:49
    2Sweet Eyes05:09

    Disc 4

    1At the Piccolo Bar02:59
    2Barkly Highway West02:59
    3The Way You Are Tonight04:46
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